Coding club of IIIT Raichur

What we do?

Updates: Even from our small number We have enthusiastic people working both individually and in teams towards various projects, the latest of which is IIITR Insights app developed by a mobile dev team of IIITRThe app’s release on play store is due, but it was beta tested by many students of our batch and received good response. This Besides the above points is to introduce the 2020 batch to our club culture through various sessions and also provide them guidance from the best of our experience. CodeUp, a series of coding contests over the summer was brought up in recent times and it successfully conducted three sessions. Converso is a series with three main aims i.e knowledge on tech topics, communication skills and rapport with the 2020 batch.

About Codesoc

CodeSoc Club aims to establish a Coding culture on Campus. This Club is a platform where students with different interests such as Coding, App development, Machine Learning, and Web Development.

Motto: Make it work, make it right, make it fast.

Objectives of Codesoc

To promote coding, development practices, brainstorming ideas, problem-solving, exploring various technologies, and facilitating collaborations on projects.


The leaders who make all this possible

Disha Agarwal


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