The Finance Club of IIIT Raichur

What we do?

'FINSPIRATION' aims to eliminate financial illiteracy.We want to spread awareness on “HOW INVESTMENTS ARE BENEFICIAL”


This club will help you by not just solving your queries but also teaching you how to do all this by yourself in future, how to do analysis and many more. This club will help you from starting to end, which will never come because investment is part of your whole life. The more you do the more you save for your future and for the upcoming generation.

Objectives of Finspiration

'FINSPIRATION' aims to eliminate financial illiteracy. Financial literacy can enable an individual to build up a budgetary guide to distinguish what he/she buys, spends, and owes. This subject additionally influences entrepreneurs, who incredibly add to the financial development and the strength of our economy. Women who are financially literate gain more confidence in their decision-making and are more successful.

Key Themes for Interaction

We aim to make sure people get a healthy exposure to the world of financial knowledge and to provide them with guidance and means to improve their financial literacy. We also encourage them to take numerous initiatives during the learning period so that they have practical knowledge. We try to teach them and guide them and take care of each question regarding the field of investment.


The leaders who make all this possible

Praveen Raj


Prince Keshri


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